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            Florida Plumbing

Our plumbing practices include but are not limited to the following.
New residential plumbing with the latest in accessories,
  Custom Showers with body sprays, rain cans and 
   personal showers. 
  Tankless Gas water Heaters for domestic purposes.
  Lead free faucets and fittings upon request.
  Water distribution by parallel Pex distribution systems.
  Water distribution by branch and tee for Copper systems.
  Custom Gas pipe installations for natural gas. To include
   gas to generators, gas lighting, patio connections and
   standard outlets as ranges, heaters, dryers and fireplaces.
   Low Flow water saving fixtures and faucets.
Remodeling and renovation services
   Design layout for best solutions to you're plumbing needs.
   Recommendations for proper function of plumbing
    Leak repairs for : But not limited to
      Water Lines                      Faucet Leaks
      Broken piping                   Damaged fixtures
      Drain Lines                       Insurance claim damages
If by chance we can not help you with you're plumbing needs we are more than happy to refer you to another Licensed Plumber that may be able to take care of you're needs due to emergencies. Just use the contact information to aid in you're search for a plumber.
Water heater repairs:
  Gas and electric units
  Tankless and tank type
  Thermostat replacement
  Element replacement
  Gas control valve replacement
  Expansion valve and expansion tank
  Shut-off valve
  Drain valve
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