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Parallel or Home Run Water Distribution Lines
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Parallel water lines in back to back bathroom.
Water closet repair
  Do not use just any flapper or repair parts for today's modern toilets, most new toilets are 1.6 gal. per flush and require different flappers and fill valves as compared to the older version 3 gal. toilet.
  Most new toilets will have the gallon per flush and liters per flush written on bowl behind the seat.
  When obtaining repair parts it is a must to have brand name of toilet and gallon per flush to start the parts selection. Some of the newest toilets will have web listing  for repair parts stamped into the tank or toilet lid. Look for model # of tank to enter into manufactures parts find, this should help eliminate  the chance of problems that can occur if the wrong parts are used. Always follow the manufactures recommendations for repair, if still not clear find a professional plumber to do the repair.
  Most frequent problems with wrong repair parts is, wasted water use and the overflowing of bowl due to more water than than can pass thru bowl during required flush cycle. Which can led to property damage.