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Steven Dean & Tandra Powell
Date of service  August 5-2010
Type of service: Plumbing Repair
Plumbing repair made in slab to main hot water copper line in master bedroom, repaired the drain line located directly beneath the copper line form gouging effect of water and sand.
Products used:
Jack hammer (for concrete),copper for water line repaired, pipe insulation around repaired copper line, glue and PVC repair sleeve for drain line.
Value of work performed:(craftsmanship)
Excellent (helpfulness locating & correcting)

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                  Florida State Certified # CFC1425764
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Eric Johnson bid, and was given the contract to do the plumbing on our residential new construction starting September 1999. Eric was actually recommended by another person in the plumbing industry that had decided to retire. 
Looking back, I would say that the best thing about working with Eric, and his staff, was the exceptional knowledge, and professionalism exhibited by all in the company.  My wife and I were totally pleased with every aspect of all of the work, from the very beginning to the end of the project.

Based on Eric's work with me, I recommended Eric's company to another person building a much larger home on Pensacola Beach, in the "Sugarbowl" development area.

I was later talking with this person, and he was telling me that during construction, he was talking with one of the Escambia County Building Inspectors when Eric and crew drove up.  The inspector asked: Is this your plumbing contractor?  My friend answered; Yes it is.  At that, the inspector responded:  "Best plumber in the county".   True story, and that is how I feel about Eric.

Ed Maiellaro
New residential construction
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